Vision & Values

Our Vision is to be a service provider of choice for our customers across the global offshore industry, and to be an employer of choice for people within the industry.

The goals we target to fulfill our vision are:

  • To build our reputation as a premium operator of high quality offshore assets
  • To provide modern, versatile, state-of-the-art assets to our clients
  • To be recognised as a responsive organisation, sensitive to client needs at all levels
  • To create a fair working environment that rewards performance
  • To institutionalise our core values

The Core Values at Greatship are integrity and professionalism.

Integrity - At Greatship, we expect our organisation to treat all our stakeholders, be they clients, vendors or regulators with standards of behaviour that would make each of us personally proud. We expect the right thing to be done every time and, if something goes wrong inspite of our best efforts, to own up responsibility and make it right.
Professionalism - At Greatship, professionalism stands for continuous development of skills, self regulation and accountability for results and pride in one's work and care for the image of the organisation.