We will establish and require an accident prevention program that emphasizes the integration of safety and health measures into each job task so that safety/health and job performance become inseparable. This will be accomplished through the co-operative efforts of managers,supervisors and employees who will strive to obtain the lowest possible industrial accident rates.Safety orientation for new and transferred employee, timely and appropriate training, a management/employee safety committee, an active self-inspection program, proper mechanical guards and personal protective equipment will be some of the tools used to reduce work hazards


Purpose of Golden Rules is to help employees and Service providers comply with company-wide rules covering the activities of highest safety risk. The programmer set out to meet the following objectives:

• Improve compliance with safety standards/rules

• Achieve a consistent GIL -wide approach to enforcing the safety rules, within the bounds of local legislation,

• Contribute to a Goal Zero mindset – a safety culture where believing that no fatalities and no incidents that harm people is possible.

Offshore Medical Resources

Greatship (India) Limited maintains a well-equipped clinic staffed by dedicated Medical personnel onboard each offshore rig, where trained and recertified staff can respond to a range of medical situations.


Topside Medical Support

Greatship (India) Limited has developed a unique working partnership with recognized medical providers to ensure a dedicated round-the-clock guidance and support line to the offshore installation medical personnel, anytime to respond to any routine or emergency situations For Medical Assistance Access Greatship (India) Limited have contracted the leading Medical Assistance Company to provide necessary medical assistance and expertise.